We have been busy in the garden this month, sowing seeds and preparing the raised beds for the months ahead.  Not to mention a large splurge (uhoh) at the local garden centre for some start of season essentials.

On March 8th we sowed:

  • Sweet peas
  • Tomatoes
  • Leeks
  • Chillies
  • Aubergines (this is a new one for us!)

So far so good. The sweet peas are coming through nicely, as are the leeks and tomatoes. We have been having a really warm spell at the moment in the UK so we are taking every advantage of this and leaving the seedlings out in the cold frame in the daytime and night time- always a scary thought. Are we sure there is no more chance of frost?!


In addition to the seeds we have some potatoes chitting nicely on a windowsill. We decided to grow purple potatoes again like we did last year. They were such a hit with family and friends at barbecues that we couldn’t resist growing them again! As well as the purple potatoes we are also growing Red King Edwards.


Today I moved some strawberries from pots into the ground near the raised beds. I’m hoping this will create a little strawberry patch that will be easier to protect from birds.


We would love to know what seeds you have been sowing lately?




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